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Pennsylvania features cities large and small, foodie spots, sports hubs and more

Discover Cultural Curiosities of Pittsburg

Boasting over 30 museums, the metropolis provides an awful lot of culture and art to soak up.

Find your ideal trip below to discover the wonders of beautiful Pennsylvania

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Beautiful Pittsburg

Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History

The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History combine two world-renowned museums in one unforgettable visit.

Point State Park

Point State Park sprawls across 36 acres in downtown Pittsburgh. It opened in 1974. The park is well-known for its iconic fountain, in addition to remains of Pittsburgh's two oldest buildings, Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne.

Kennywood Amusement Park

Kennywood is among the oldest amusement parks in the United States, having opened in 1899. This popular attraction now has six roller coasters.

Best Tours in Pennsylvania


You can start your visit to Harrisburg on a high note as you tour the impressive Pennsylvania State Capitol - an imposing building which dates back to 1902. Other gracious and historic buildings you can add to your itinerary include the John Harris-Simon Cameron Mansion and the Fort Mansion and Park.


Dating back to 1762, Allentown is one of the oldest cities in Pennsylvania. It boasts a treasure trove of interesting museums and historic building that document its past.


Nestled on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the town of Erie is an ideal getaway destination.

The Fascinating Falls of Pennsylvania

Raymondskill Falls

Located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, the three falls have a combined height of approximately 46 meters.

Ganoga Falls

Ganoga Falls is located in Ricketts Glen State Park. The falls is approximately 94 feet. It is the tallest waterfall in the Ricketts Glen State Park.

Silverthread Falls

The scenery around the Silverthread Falls is stunning to watch. The area is covered with green vegetation and is a habitat for various animals. The falls result in a cool breeze and the formation of mist around them. There are benches where one can sit while enjoying the stunning view. Hiking is a popular activity here.

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